User Manual

Product Overview

RTK.ExcelRedact enables you to make redactions on Excel documents in a user friendly format without the need to convert the document to TIFF. The redacted documents can either be disclosed in TIFF or Native format.

The Manual below details how to redact an Excel document using RTK.ExcelRedact in a step by step process.

Current Version

The current version of RTK.ExcelRedact is For more information or a trial please contact solutions@anexsys.com

Release notes

Production Native Swap - This will now link the redacted copies that have been used in that particular swap making identification easier

Bulk Submit - An update to correct the numbering being reported in a bulk submit set and improve user feedback

Bulk Submit - fixed a bug to ensure processing settings are updated on documents processed via bulk submit

Automatic Keywords - New redaction rules to allow a user to configure redaction replaces and use logic based on column values to drive redactions

Speed improvements to redaction processing